WL//WH Premiere: TRAIT D’UNION “Exil Mental”


Toulouse, South of France-based Synth-punk one-man band trait d’union is going to drop the third and final single, “Exil Mental”, taken from the forthcoming debut album, “Adieu la fête”, scheduled for release on May 24th via the independent label Frozen Records, WH/WH is very pleased to premiere.

In the wake of bands such as Oï Boys, Rendez Vous and Indochine, a crunchy, hi-energy anthemic release of abrasive and loud emotive Synthpunk urgency and arpeggiated glowing New Wave jolts, define trait d’union‘s sound climate as a whole, menacing and alienated as much as nostalgic and angry at the right point.

“Exil Mental”, a song about a traumatized person who must leave an unhealthy situation in order to survive mentally, unleashes the relentless hard-hitting pound of slashing drum beats, fueled by sparse rolling crisp percussions, to propel an exuberant and rampant droning surge of buzzing basslines, swelling guitar riffs and glittering emotive synth orchestrations, swirling wistfully over distraught haunted vocals, downtroddenly shouting rife with angst and sorrow.

trait d’union‘s debut album, “Adieu la Fête”, will be released, in Vinyl 12″/Cassette & Digital formats, on May 24th via Frozen Records. On pre-order on the Frozen Records website.

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