WL//WH Premiere: The wondrous new album “An Archaea” by AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE

WL//WH Premiere  Amusement Parks On Fire

Photo by Carla Mundy

Ten Years after the highly acclaimed super album “Road Eyes” the British (Nottingham) art-rock troupers Amusement Parks On Fire are back with their glorious new full-length “An Archaea”. The album releases today (June 25) and is available on CD, digital formats, and absolutely on vinyl too. We have the great return of a very ‘well-educated’ ensemble that plays seemingly art-rock; how else can you describe that band when they create this pretty attractive and colorful sonic spectrum?

It is easy to call APOF an art-rock band but when you try to describe in your own ears what you hear in their music things are changing ipso facto towards a wider kaleidoscope. They are expanding (and am not afraid to write this at all) the limits of our beloved UK alternative rock, only that while having studied the past decades’ victories won by Albion’s older and successful artists, APOF now won’t hesitate to present how to blend it all with the new core matter of shoegaze, noise rock, dream rock of course, and with open disposal for experimentation they offer an album of 10 new songs, literally 10 superb new adventures. The leading track of the record is “Boom Vang” and it came with an official video too on June 11th, watch it with a friend and see where your conversation (or dissent) about this song will go; it is shoegaze, yeah but what else lies in there?

Αmazing issues are waiting for you to discover in the entire album, with great and very interesting arrangements all over the opus, with also great players who are performing targeted themes and with an also the great given sense of responsibility on the result they want to present. Things may become vast in their songs but not unlimited and not chaotic at all.

“An Archaea” is a foxy title for an album, same as is the name of the band, same as the music they create. They own the secrets of shoegaze, they occasionally push these secrets in the noise rock sludge respectfully to your ears. They think of some really beautiful vocal lines to front their musings and they present it all with another amazing and so compact rhythm section at the back – no good rhythm section, no good band, we know that from the dawn of rock and roll music.

Photo by Carla Mundy

And now yes, you got it right, such albums need, sorry, they demand some really good sound to support the whole work. The album has the sound it just needs to show its delights, that very precise sound that won’t polish the band for no reason, but that sound work that goes together with APOF‘s necessities.

Success, my friends; that’s the best word for this record. Success in all, by a band that came along with a wondrous new work in their quiver. Ten years and we were thinking like “why did they disappear”? Certainly, APOF didn’t release “An Archaea” LP to prove anything to no one, not even to themselves but what stays at the very end of the audition is that you clearly just listened to an utterly convincing recording, and that includes all members of the crew involved; the band, the sound engineer, and us at home. Last, I won’t give you any focus tracks as I believe that this record doesn’t need that because it flows like a river from start to end, but only a hint if you like; towards the end of the disk you will find the same song “An Archaea”, and “Blue Room” that will both surprise you with their conception and performance, but don’t rush to hear them first. Let the album roll from track 1 and all the way to the end I hope it will give you the same feelings as it gave to me.

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Photo by Carla Mundy

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike