WL//WH Premiere: THE TRUE FAITH Drop a Nervous “Cry For Help”

WL//WH Premiere True Faith

Boston, Massachusetts Alternative Rock / Post-punk 5-piece band The True Faith is slowly approaching the upcoming new full-length album, “Go To Ground,” scheduled to release on January 10, 2023, via à la carte Records, to reveal the third teaser, “A Cry For Help”, paired with a remix by Gardens East on the flip, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

This song touches on the problems with daily living, how we are subjected to them, and how we cope. We are all in this life we never consented to yet we are forced to navigate our way through it without any help. According to lead vocalist Travis Benson
“A Cry For Help” takes a departure from the darker gothic sound of the previous two singles, nodding to British C86 bands such as The Close Lobsters or to the reverb-filled ethereal 6-string tones of For Against and Pale Saints, to reveal emotional angsty moods prompted by the emotive vibrancy of charging, stumbling drum beats, rumbling bass lines, glistening guitar ripples and sparkling riffs from urgent obsessive fiery guitar melodies, echoing around fierce rugged breathless vocals, dropping anxious fears and haunted longings into a chaotic headspace of pent up dreams.

Inspired by artists such as Croatian Amor and Burial, Gardens East is the electronic project of Old Moon‘s Tom Weir, whose rework takes an atmospheric surreal approach to “A Cry For Help”, with murky wistful rippling frequencies, droning, depth-defying tones, hypnotic swirling vocals, and crisp, staggering breakbeat rhythmic patterns to create a spatial intoxicating experience.

True Faith‘s forthcoming album, “Go To Ground”, is slated for release, in Vinyl and CD editions, via the DIY label/collective à La Carte Records. The U.S. version of the CD will come with an exclusive demo track that won’t be available anywhere else.

Paris based label Icy Cold Records will be releasing a Euro version of the CD that will come with its own exclusive treat. They will also be carrying copies of the vinyl for those who wish to save on international shipping costs.

The band has worked with three tape-focused labels around the world to create a cassette collection with U.S., European, and Australian variations from Candlepin Records, Summer Darling Tapes, and Honeyglider Records respectively.

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