WL//WH Premiere: THE PSYCHEDELIC BIRTHDAY PARTY Suggests “Leave the Room”, Let Go, and Heal

WL//WH Premiere  The Psychedelic Birthday Party

The Psychedelic Birthday Party (TPBP) is the Alternative/Indie moniker of the Nijmegen, The Netherlands songwriter and recording artist Kevyn van der Linden who inspires his melancholic songwriting, introspective lyricism, and celestial soundscapes from bands such as Blue Foundation, Phoebe Bridgers, and Slowdive.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the animated A.I. Official Lyric Video by visual artist Stefan Schellen AKA Henry Miller, “Leave the Room“, a single built with multi-instrumentalist and producer Jeroen Verstappen, vocalist Vera Aben, pianist Niels Veron, and brother Kane van der Lindenon for additional soundscapes and samples.

I wrote this song as a reflection on how poisonous trains of thought can be damaging to ourselves and our surroundings.

Mysterious, autumnal, and cinematic, “Leave the Room” permeates a beautifully airy, flowing ambiance of warm wistful, and droning key glows, poignant blurry piano melodies, lightly thudding hypnotic percussions, minimal dry guitar chords, and whimsical fluttering string blows, to immerse gentle yet heartfelt male/female vocals in a shared sentience of melancholy and fear.

Stefan and I met at a birthday party, which turned out to be the right place for meeting other creatives. After a few years, Stefan and I locked in on this project for a visual representation of the song. Being given the artwork I captured with a disposable camera. It’s safe to say that Stefan grew an enchanting garden from its soil. 

Stefan Schellen AKA Henry Miller delivers a majestic AI interpretation of a picture taken by Kevyn, casting dim grey-purple skies over rolling country fields where sentimental lyrics give wise advice to a loved one against an ethereal flow of symbolic pink roses, stirring the soul with the nostalgic intimacy of the soundtrack.

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