WL//WH Premiere: THE PSYCHEDELIC BIRTHDAY PARTY Calls Out the “Picky Eaters”

WL//WH Premiere  The Psychedelic Birthday Party

The Netherlands Alternative/Indie duo Kevyn van der Linden and Jeroen Verstappen AKA The Psychedelic Birthday Party compose a dreamlike cinematic soundscape in their latest single “Picky Eaters”, using the guest vocals of Vera Aben and the classical piano notes of Niels Veron, to add a haunting ethereal depth to the bittersweet moods evoked, whilst Sabrina Nijenhuis‘ emotional visual interpretation will tug hard at the heartstrings, WL//WH is pleased to Premiere.

It’s an anthem for those who live and love throughout hardship, and find a deeper connection with each other in doing so.

A serene droning atmospheric intro leads into a skywards swath of keening reverberant breezes carved by wandering wistful strummed acoustic guitar, slow dragging drum beats, and soft breathless dreamy dual male-female vocals, longing in hopeless memories amid rambling, fragile and poignant layers of piano melodies and shivering violin strings to weave a beautiful sentimental tapestry, floating restless in the drifting sands of lost time.

The video stars Robbie Wallin, Barbara van Haver, Abby Reintjes and Ella Dekker as a young family in a fictional ‘in-between worlds’ story where the limits of love are tested.

 A heartfelt drama, written and directed by the up-and-coming Amsterdam-based director Sabrina Nijenhuis, explores the hidden struggles and focused dreams of a young family living in the fear, alienation, and uncertainty of a changing world. A surreal enchanted forest cast in misty skies, dim sunsets, and unexpected daydreams alternate with hectic, aggressive flashbacks betwixt an angry couple to build a terrifying tension whilst a gentle, affectionate bond between a father and daughter mend heart-broken moods with warm rays of hope, forging new horizons built in strength and wisdom.

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