WL//WH Premiere: The Intrepid “Plague Party” LP by NAMELESS CREATIONS


After 4 years, the return of  Nameless Creations from Warsaw, Poland, is accompanied by their diamond new album “Plague Party” – and diamonds always lie beneath the subsoil, waiting for the light to reveal their charm that some so-called diamond ‘experts’ claim that some crystal structures have a great monetary value, but in reality, all solid carbon forms are initially found buried in the dirt of the soil while some will remain buried for an indefinite period of time. Today, we are showcasing a brilliant band from Poland, brilliant as the precious earth that nurtured them for a while – and 4 years was a long time; Dorian Wiseblood (vocals, lyrics), Harry Throat (bass), Jimmy Chainge (guitar), and James Anomalous (drums), play punk, post-punk, deathrock music in its raw version, loud, without questions, and without shame no matter how much our ears tried to sleek the elements of their sound.

“Plague Party” LP releases today, October 13, but it is since last August that the band slowly started to unveil some of the songs from the album, and “Shadow Hour” was the first one…

“take the cup from the savage hand that raped and sold the sacred land”

…and it was the second single “Poison Island” that placed the threat with clarity…

“words spoken to the dead heard by no one, the misery of men goes on”

…it all seemed to unravel in the third single which is the title track of the album, the “Plague Party”.

If you can handle it all together, you’ll enjoy a storm of biting guitars and it doesn’t matter if these guitars occasionally play melodies too (it’s all part of the game). The drummer will make your ears sweat, while the regular punk bassist, (who works alone all the band’s ‘pain’), holds it all together and tight. Up front, the singer delivers one monumental ‘preaching’ after another with intense focus and concentration. The whole thing sounds very intense, occasionally dark at times, punk-to-the-bone, and clearly ‘broken’ as every band that messes with the deathrock ‘dirt’ respectively and with respect to their own band entirely.

But in the end, the ace on the table might not be anything like that, but only the humble admission that these men – aside from being the talented youth with a promising future in a continent that has long been dead now – possess disarming authenticity in what they present. Furthermore, their record flows with a lively and deadly groove all the way and it may also go alone on repeat for a couple of hours more.

So, here is the brand new album “Plague Party” by Nameless Creations, you can have it Digitally, on CD, and on Vynil, as you can hear it first with a cold beer (that is mostly required)!!!  Play Loud!!!

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photo by @vlad.sinica

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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