WL//WH Premiere: The elegant “Otherworld” new EP by Canadian synthesized act VIOLENTENE


Violentene, photo by Val Laporte

Beautiful things are happening in the alternative music scene of Canada in recent years, we know that. Another very cool act residing in Ottawa, Ontario, is Violentene releasing today their brand new “Otherworld” EP with 5 pretty elegant and remarkable songs in the likes of the wider synthwave music, and WL//WH is very happy to Premiere it. The duo is MvriJo (vocals), and Roland M (synths, guitar, instruments) who are obviously not only in the huge musical “wave” but also very deeply and openly influenced by the beauty that one can find in this stream. Τhey create beautiful and elegant musings where you will hear first synth-pop and then starts the essential unfolding of their motion and talent. Violentene hides inside a lot of other elements if you listen carefully to what they do, while the most surprising to me thing is that literally, all their songs are sounding as if they are arranged to be rendered by a larger band – that means their soul is utterly new wavey and how they hear their own songs in the first place, and that is something that probably worked subconsciously for them.

The first single of the record appeared a couple of months ago with an official video too and tell me, do you only hear synthpop in there? Try ‘Delusions’ and you will see what I mean; deeper proximity to synthetic music, but yes it is a piece that you will also dance to in clubs!!!

I am trying like hell to avoid the term ‘sophisticated’ in this text because this concept confuses things somewhat and sometimes doesn’t even fit into such an electronic sonic bliss; I’ll prefer to highlight the band rather like a more ‘studied’ act. And yes, Violentene sounds like they are doing this for years but they are officially active only since 2017, and again that shows quite a solid musical connection among them. The second single came out about a month ago and I am amazed they published such a video for it, a ‘film’ that could easily stand to any ‘funeral synth music’ only that “September Falls” is a catchy dreampop-oriented tune through the band’s fair perspective!!!

I challenge you to listen carefully to the whole album as you’ll find many things to like, I am absolutely sure about that, as I am also sure that many of you will start dancing to their music and I think that you will also check their previous releases. Violentene is an interesting act and without wanting to give them anything excessive on my part, I believe that here we have the new piste of the band that places them very high and ready for the big leap. I believe them and I trust them, here is the “Otherworld” EP!!!

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Violentene, photo by Val Laporte

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike