WL//WH Premiere: TESTÍCULO “Elementos del Terror (Original Mix)” [Periphylla]


The upcoming “Elementos del Terror” remix album isn’t just a testament to Argentinian act Testículo’s intriguing art. It’s a global celebration of music, with remixes from a myriad of international artists: the beats of Pedro999, Raíz Savia, Bikatronika, 1134_, and Sauren Kids from Argentina; Dataísmo‘s Mexican reverberations; the Spanish tunes of Squaric and The Hombre Invisible; the Grecian echoes of Grey Gallows; the Polish harmonies of Rozmazani; the Romanian rhythms of ProAntiAnti; the soulful strains from Georgia by Henry Keller; and the Far East nuances of Fuyama Yousuke and Jin Cromanyon from Japan.

Born from the chaotic confluence of creative energies at Casa López, Buenos Aires in August 2019, through an ever-changing lineup, constantly tinkering and experimenting, resulted in a cassette recording, that puts forth the distinct vocal prowess of Marcos Gonzalez Cutre and the digital drum pulses of Yordi con J. But the narrative took a decisive turn with the 2020 release of the album “Mutilaciones,” a trifecta of demos that saw Marcos at the helm. This was more than an album, it was an assertion of Testículo’s sonic identity.

By the time 2022 rolled in, “Elementos del Terror” began taking shape. The recordings saw the band return to Pulpería Antídoto. Guiding them through this auditory exploration were Carlos Ángel Luppi and Árwy – notable names in Buenos Aires’ scene, recognized for their musical endeavors with Ave Parva, Arcanas XIII, and pantanosumpf, among others. Currently, both these maestros, alongside Pedro999 of Sto Fue Tdo and Vertts + Pedro999 fame, contribute to the unique soundscape that defines Testículo.

The release is jointly christened by two labels, Barcelona‘s Periphylla Records, a sub-label of Diffuse Reality Records,  and the celebrated pantanosumpf. Both serve as a testament to the expansive reach and collaborative nature of this release.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the Original Mix of  “Elementos Del Terror”, with lyrics carved by bone tools and thorny blades, laying the foundation for a meandering moody post-punk bass line throbbing along with hypnotic crisp beats to drive through a distorted reality of warped, screechy obsessive FXs, haunting ceremonial glows, and clattering dubwise resonances, whilst detached, angsty vocals, haloed by shining female echoes, are terrorized by menacing growls, droning stabs, and unexpected arcade chaos, left running through the destruction in numb dread.

Testículo‘s upcoming remix album, “Elementos Del Terror”, is due to be released, in CD & Digital formats, on December 8, 2023, via Barcelona‘s Periphylla Records, a sub-label of Diffuse Reality Records, and pantanosumpf.

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