WL//WH Premiere: TALKING TO SHADOWS The Lush and Ethereal Beauty of “Valentina”

WL//WH Premiere   Talking To Shadows

Since 2018, Baltimore, Maryland-based ethereal shoegazers Talking To Shadows, made of  Cat Van Glide (vocals), Ron Weldon (bass), Gregoire Palmer (guitar), and Alex Hughes (drums), bewitch the listeners through a swirling vortex of enveloping and soothing reverb-drenched soundscapes, in an intoxicating striking alchemy of dreamy introspection, fuzzed-out intensity and melodic sensibilities.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the video clip by Francis Ford Greggola for the band’s latest single  “Valentina”, a song mixed at the Magpie Cage Studio by the Indie Rock heavyweight, J. Robbins.

“Valentina” is a lush soul-stirring journey about surrender, built on a swaying immersive atmosphere that unfurls with scraping and sparkling guitar riffs and shivering echoes, underlying beautifully heartfelt layered female vocals, releasing fragile yet strong crystalline harmonies, to increasingly soar with rushing bursts of hard-hitting syncopated drum beats, pulsing bass lines, fuzzy distorted flows, and releasing searing flourishings, to achingly resonate around ecstatic gratefulness of awakened cries. 

Supernatural visuals by Francis Ford Greggola set a misty black-and-white realm of slow-moving statuary, tombstones, and metaphysical symbols behind an intimate performance by Cat Van Glide to sync with the spiritual significance of the soundtrack. The patient speed of the backdrop creates a wonderful timeless effect over the deep contrast of lights and shadows to manifest perfectly the gradual eye adjustment that happens when a person wakes up.

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