WL//WH Premiere: SVEZIA INFERNO – “L’infidele” [La Società del Malessere]


WL//WH is pleased to premiere the unsettling and rackety surreal sonic excursion, titled “Linfidele”, by the Swedish, relocated to Turin, in the North West of Italy, via Bordeaux, enigmatic leftfield electronic musician-producer Johan Gustafsson (of synth-punk act Black Bug), AKA Svezia Inferno, taken from the forthcoming 2-track EP due out on April 24, 2024 via his own label La Società del Malessere.

One of the two uncanny cuts, “L’infidele”, co-written with Dr Joseph Mbenga, through the use of urban environmental found sounds, somehow echoes the eerie atmosphere of sacred and profane that can be felt in the spirited area surrounding Turin‘s Porta Palazzo, between its sprawling effervescent multicultural market and the surrounding ancient devotional sites.

A long 13-minute hauntingly immersive sonic journey that converges on the unsettling presence of a doomsday preacher whose amplified foreboding sermons resonate on the backdrop of a mercurial array of off-kilter synth samples, ritual and ancestral shifting percussion patterns, manipulated feedback, metallic clanks, noisy drone textures, and mesmerizing exotic instrumental inflexions, to create a sentient claustrophobic vibe of discomfort and tension before expanding into a skewed and chaotic release.

Svezia Inferno‘s forthcoming 2-track EP, “L’infidele/La Caccia”, is slated for release, in Cassette /CD & Digital formats, on April 24, 2024 via his own label La Società del Malessere. On Pre-order on Svezia Inferno Bandcamp.

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