WL//WH Premiere: SUFFER FOOLS Meditates on Being “Almost Beautiful”

Video Of The Day Suffer Fools

Vancouver Island’s former child star, current trainwreck, and future pop messiah, Debbie Debased, under the Suffer Fools alias, follows the 2021 debut LP, “The Rise and Fall of D Debased”, with a ‘first single’ tease, “Almost Beautiful, from the anticipated sophomore album, scheduled for release in early 2024, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

 ‘Almost Beautiful’ is a shimmering & bittersweet meditation on the allure of fame and the pursuit of the dream. The song juxtaposes bright, lush production with darker, nihilistic lyrical themes.

Reverb-laden, surreal, and drowsy, “Almost Beautiful” evokes melancholy and longing through a shuddering sway of hypnotic drum beats, distorted droning basslines, wrapped by ringing, echoing blankets of somber icy bright guitar melodies, whilst layers of sad, angsty, glowing haloes, rebellious yips, and heartbroken cries out-pour moody sensations into a shattered reality of never realized dreams.

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