WL//WH Premiere: SPAMMERHEADS Refuse to Give Up “Until the Damage’s Done”


The sound of the Great Machine of Industry in full performance. We feel very satisfied with the work because we believe that the album conveys that strange energy typical of today’s big cities, shrouded in smog, polluted air and decadence.

After a couple of immersive and cinematic albums filled with experimental, atmospheric and spacey dystopic Electronica, between abstract Techno, ruffled Dark Ambient, and intricate IDM, the Spanish ‘Working Class Electronic Music’ unit based in Valencia, Spammerheads, consisting of Ana Escudero & David Garrido, gradually veered to the roots of the most abrasive and tumultuous Electronic Body Music, at times rhythmically contaminated with their past sonic heritage made on the one hand by the minimalistic proto-electro-synth punk of Suicide and The Screamers, to the energetic and explosive groovy crossover sound of Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and FatBoy Slim on the other, starting with last year’s album “Bricks for Reconstruction”, and perfected with the purely old-school adrenaline charged rhythmic impulses and grimy and claustrophobic synthetic lines of the freshly released Pink Vinyl 12″ 5-tracker “Tar Blood Cement Skin” via fellow Spanish label SOIL.

This is without a doubt our most personal work to date. During the previous works we have been experimenting looking for our sound and in this work we have found it. It is a raw sound, which brings us back to the sounds of the suburban factories, that were part of that scenario in which we lived when we were children.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the immersive cyber video for the raw visceral Body Music cut “Until the Damage’s Done”.

Desperate picturesque lyrics merge man and city into a decaying collapse of “Tar Blood, Cement Skin” to invoke feelings of regret, confusion, and an odd sense of acceptance and strength at the hands of an inherited Fate.

The acid lyrics and the enveloping and cutting voice melodies merge with the creaking noises of the factories,  forming an indivisible whole.  

Immersive factory injected urban frequencies weld throbbing bass line menace with heavy stomping beats, stark metallic hi-hats and grinding jagged riffs to construct a dark living metropolis of post-industrial grit around the distorted angst and anger of nicotine-stained vocals, suffering amid insidious swarming chaos of mesmeric mechanical bliss.

Trippy electric blue and red-tinged DIY visuals blend hypnotic dance moves with sped up flicker rates to invoke bedlam from the mind’s eye of annihilation. Fragmented auras set a suggestive performance against a time-lapsed locomotive backdrop to incite high-speed dissociation during an intoxicating thought form of nihilistic destruction.

Spammerheads‘ 5-track EP “Tar Blood Cement Skin” is out now, on Pink Vinyl 12 & Digital formats, via SOIL Bandcamp.

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