WL//WH Premiere: SPAMMERHEADS Expose the Plot for “The Development of Substitute Materials”



Could not be more relevant nowadays, but in reality, is constantly lingering around the corner the nuclear annihilation of the world. Spanish DIY ‘Working-Class Electronic Music’ duo based in Valencia, SPAMMERHEADS, made of Ana Escudero & David Garrido, underline it further in the DIY video for the mid-90s tinged, both turbulent and vibrant, industrialized beat-driven ride “The Development of Substitute Materials”, taken from last November’s second album, “Bricks for Reconstruction”, via SOIL label.

Apocalyptic landscapes merge global timelines into an evil conglomeration of hideous strength warping, tearing, and infiltrating the atmospheric disharmony, propelled by the throbbing punch of snappy kicks and pounding beats, along with droning low ends, obsessive hollow percussions, grinding, swishing, and explosive frequencies, rising into warped distortions of dire dread, while the ominous authoritarian arrogance of vocal clips loop in treacherous inhuman repetitions to awaken the cries, laughs, and silences of arcane chaos from the demented shadows of un-natural bliss.

 Simulated black and white visuals layer universal symbols of death and destruction to elicit a grave concern for the devastating history and future of humankind. Jittery overlays compare, contrast, and coalesce rotating skulls, suggestive labels, and mushroom cloud explosions into a depth defying display of war crime trauma whilst J. Robert Oppenheimer’s infamous atomic age speech, from the Hindu sacred text the Bhagavad-Gita, menaces from above. Distorted facial expressions, invocations of dark godly powers, and nuclear warheads subvert the mind’s eye to the sinister nature of attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 to exert psychological control over the worldwide population with an eternal legacy of fear.

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