WL//WH Premiere: SLOW SALVATION’s Emotional Reflection, “Call A Friend” (Lyric Video)


WL//WH welcomes back the New Jersey-based Atmospheric Dream Pop duo, Slow Salvation with a Premiere of the lyric video for the latest single, “Call A Friend,” via independent label Velvet Blue Music.

Guitarist Travis Trevisan (Tape Deck Mountain) and singer Christina Hernandez (Orion Lake) continue their cross-country collaboration, which yielded last year’s praised debut album “Here We Are” and the recent single “Japan,”, augmented in this case by fellow musicians Matt McCartie (Driver Eight, Theft) on drums and Heather Bray Heywood (Kissing Cousins, Giant Waste of Man) on bass.

Over six blissful minutes, ‘Call a Friend’ uses airy vocals and effect-laden guitars to reflect on the complex emotions that can accompany a simple phone call. The song resonates both as a meditation on friendship and as Slow Salvation’s latest haunting contribution to the dream pop cannon.

Slow Salvation frames a mellow misty introspection that gently palpitates in sync with subtle oneiric languors, pinned on soft stumbling drum beats, warm elastic bass lines, piercing glistening effect-filled guitar flows layered with stirring rippling echoes, to glide over a rarefied aura of beautifully fragile and dreamy crystalline female vocals, releasing melancholy, fear, and doubt into an emotional tide of radiating hope.

Symbolic visuals fuse large, almost translucent lyrics and windblown flowers into a shimmery veil over relationship imagery to sync with the sentiments of the soundtrack. If you look closely through the tear-streaked letters and blurry white petals, you will see an old school coiled cord connected to a princess telephone handle. There are also conversation silhouettes performed in front of grand windows to let the viewer travel back to their own mysterious past and perhaps face the shadows within.

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