WL//WH Premiere: SHE OWL Longs to Catch a “Falling Star”

WL//WH Premiere SHE OWL

Formed in San Francisco, the currently Leipzig-based nomadic Italian duo She Owl has ceaselessly enchanted audiences throughout Europe and North America for the last five years, supporting renowned artists such as Brendan Perry and Cat Power and playing almost three hundred shows across twenty-one countries. Over the course of several albums and an EP release, the group has developed a unique and beguiling sound that melds Dream-Pop and Dark Indie stylings with soulful, haunting vocals and cinematic arrangements.

Vocalist, pianist, and primary songwriter Jolanda Moletta is front and center in both the band’s recordings and live shows. Moletta’s striking three-octave range and vocal dexterity are matched by her skills as a multi-instrumentalist (she is also responsible for all the loops, percussion, and additional layers in the band’s sound). Alongside her, Demian Endian, besides adding also backing vocals and harmonies, contributes inventive and enigmatic guitar lines that hint at psychedelic, no-wave, and experimental influences.

Following their 2017 EPDrifters”, the She Owl have announced their third full-length studio album, “Invisible Heart”, composed in 2020, as Jolanda and Demian returned to their home country of Italy, scheduled to be released on January 2023.

Mixed in 2021 by Sam Beste (The Vernon Spring, Tawiah, Hejira), the music blends the cinematic landscapes of the past She Owl repertoire with the Dream Pop nuances of the recent collaboration with Heligoland and Robin Guthrie (“Please fall in love with me”, 2021).

WL//WH is very pleased to Premiere the first teaser from the LP, the dreamy night sky song, “Falling Star”, deftly imagined by the accompanying video created by Esteban Amon.

The new single ‘Falling Star’ is about a star that longs to light up an entire night sky before fading away, I wrote the lyrics years ago. I believe they fit perfectly with our present.says singer and multi-instrumentalist Jolanda

We arranged the song at night, with our eyes up, looking for inspiration like many before us so long ago. The chords I play correspond to some specific personal feelings and images. One of them is an immense night sky, slowly exploding. says guitarist Demian Endian

Beautiful devastated heartfelt vocals deliver comfort and companionship to a lover’s broken heart, whilst anxious lovelorn ripples of thudding, stumbling drum beats, wistful piano keys, trembling poignant bass lines, warm soothing liquid synth expansions, and prickling, chiming guitar strings, form glistening waves of fragile swaying frequencies, slowly shivering into crystalline breezes of twilight desire.

The video by Esteban Amon, long-time She Owl’s collaborator, takes place in a secret location in Germany:

We gave Esteban full freedom. He drove us to this mysterious set, where we did all the filming in less than one day. Were we in an underground confinement prison or a remote-music-controlled spaceship? I can’t tell…but it felt magical and quite spooky.

The interpretive visuals cast drama and mystery over a sheltered couple, whose fortitude toward healing leads to a newfound intimacy and trust. Suggestive poses, evocative choreography, and a symbolic set sync seamlessly with the lost romantic vibes of the soundtrack to forge new pathways of insight from the darkened depths of traumatic despair.

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