WL//WH Video Premiere: RAIN TO RUST “Died”

Video Premiere RAIN TO RUST

The Turkish DIY darkwave, post-punk one-man-project Rain To Rust, masterminded by Istanbul-based Mert Yıldız, a stalwart of the local underground music scene for over two decades (Black Front, Dead Man’s Dream), returns with a new 9-track album, “Stillborn Flowers”, the companion to last year’s highly acclaimed first LP “Flowers Of Doubt”, consisting of five tracks originally recorded for his debut and four alternate versions & remixes,
recorded in two separate sessions, Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019, to form a unique conceptual sound with roots in loss and dependency.

WL//WH is very pleased to premiere the Lyrical Video for the lead out single “Died”, originally written in 2015.

Ominous and tragic epic auras instil a sense of doom when urgent sparkling and abrasive guitar melodies, deep slow pulsing sinister basslines, and eerie bleeding synth melodies mix with steady punchy beats around panicked desperately quivering male vocals, becoming breathless gasps and whispers, backed by harrowing darkly ethereal female echoes channelling an angel of death.

Dualistic lyrics compare and contrast Life with Death, Nature against Fate, and Innocence turned to Shame in an overwhelming  battle with guilt, mortality, and lack of control brought to the forefront in the chorus, “I’m still alive, so sick inside, like friends of mine.”

Grainy black and white video, comprised of abstract photos with lyrics playing atop, tell a bleak story wept in pain and suffering, set against the backdrop of minimalism with universal symbols evoking isolation, hopelessness, and misunderstanding. Obscured views of an industrial living complex unravel a white wall with three black square shutters, a  partial view of the building seen from behind trees, and a white electric guitar with the 7 of hearts card stuck under the strings, drawing an inquisitiveness and anonymous intimacy with the dramatic situation.

Here is the full tracklist for “Stillborn Flowers” slated for release digitally on May 29, 2020:
1. Died
2. Let’s Fail Again
3. Free Fall Into The Night
4. Marbled Sunlight
5. Dead Violets Night
6. For When It Hurts (Alternate Version)
7. A Farewell With Regret (Dreams Into Rust Mix)
8. Time And Time Again (Single Edit)
9. For When It Hurts (TSU Remix)

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