WL//WH Premiere: PAYTA “Pleasure Manoeuvre” [Bricolage]

WL//WH Premiere  PAYTA  Bricolage

Glasgow-based Bricolage imprint’s first release of 2024 sees a new addition to the label in the form of Payta and her Bricolage album debut, “Samsara”.

Payta is a multi-disciplinary creative, based in the UK.  Adept in both the audio and visual side of the arts and performing live at events across the UK, Payta‘s new album sees her take that warm analogue feel from her live sets and channel it into a stunning release full of slowly evolving hypnotic soundscapes.

Side A of the cassette is a collection of fleeting, electronica and IDM-influenced sketches. Ephemeral bursts of melody and cascading rhythms combine to create a colourful and vivid mosaic of sounds.

Side B consists of two longer tracks that allow time for a sense of depth but keep that hazy kaleidoscopic feel while allowing for a more textural flow and blossoming ambient palettes to emerge.

“Pleasure Manoeuvre”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, shapes an analogue-fueled lilting, warm and immersive head space, lit by a looping wavering of obsessive mellow wispy melodies, icy piercing fascinations, muted rolling percussions, and subtly clapping echoes, to rouse attention-grabbing frequencies gaining focus through curiosity.

Payta‘s debut album, ” Samsara”, is due out, Cassette & Digital, on February 23, 2024, via the Bricolage Label Bandcamp

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