WL//WH Premiere: PALM GHOSTS Hit A “Raw Nerve” in “Dead Starts”

WL//WH Premiere Palm Ghosts

Palm Ghosts are a rare gem of pensive Indie Rock dreamers from Nashville, Tennessee who compose and play a hefty emotional-ridden gripping blend of Post-punk, New Wave and Shoegaze straight from the shattered heart of modern dystopic blues.

The band’s upcoming 6-track EP “Dead Starts” evokes an intense nostalgia and sadness from the get-go and the second track, “Raw Nerves”, is no exception. The song is about struggling to survive, grasping for old beliefs, and the excruciating pain of being mindful in a broken, corrupt system of fear and confusion.

Tragic, desperate moods trigger melancholic synth glows to rise ceremoniously beneath poignant shivering tinkling strains, rolling rambunctious drum beats, and obsessive sparkling, wistful guitar melodies to stir churning winds of burning passions with a tormented ebb and flow of emotional vocals to wield fear and anxiety from a heavy current of lovelorn tears and aching bondage.

Palm Ghosts‘ upcoming 6-track EP “Dead Starts” is slated for release on the 18th of March on all the streaming platforms, CD and Bandcamp.

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