WL//WH Premiere: OSNOVA Search for Truth in Freedom “Octavian”

WL//WH Video Premiere  OSNOVA

photo by Jean-Claude Vorgeack

The sound of Los Angeles shoegaze band OSNOVA could be likened to walking alone on a dark night–it strides with confidence, masking an unstable and anxious edge–the sound of forward movement that is all at once evocative, determined and enveloping.

Born out in 2018 from some instrumental sketches by lifetime ‘alternative music’ aficionado and stalwart of the local underground scene, as guitarist in countless bands, as well as a former music journalist and DJ at KXLU FM in Los Angeles, Jean-Claude Vorgeack (JC for fans of brevity), OSNOVA is the culmination of a life of music consumption and assimilation with the precious support of Russian emigré drummer Sam Ribeyro along with Minnesota transplant and vocalist Caroline McLaughlin, to craft a bewitching emotional-ridden sound that sparkles and darkens between Post-punk, Dream-Pop and Shoegaze.

Following a 2022 self-titled debut EP, Los Angeles-based trio started 2023 with a one-off  2-track single, and a mesmerizing cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees “Cities In Dust”, to finally team up with fellow L.A. independent label Dune Altar for the incoming spellbinding new single, “Octavian”, due out on October 13, 2023, accompanied with a heady video shot & cut by Jean-Claude Vorgeack, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

Dreamy and vibrant yet emotionally tumultuous, “Octavian” blends warm, glowing reverb-drenched guitar swarms, with rubbery humming bass grooves, plodding mid-tempo drum beats, and beautifully evocative crystalline vocals, mixing anxious helpless cries with celestial echoes, and falling hope, through a vast echoing expanse of chaotic effect-laden shimmering auras.

Surreal and symbolic, the accompanied visuals enshroud Osnova in a blurry stream of consciousness to sync seamlessly with the escapist theme of the soundtrack. Red and blue night visions blend dim city lights with edgy group wanderings and time-lapsed reflective overlays to pull the viewer into the cold and dark rain-drenched realm of a troubled, searching soul.

Osnova‘s new single “Octavian” b/w “For Selene” is slated for release tomorrow, Friday, October 13, via Dune Altar. 

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