WL//WH Premiere: Once Bitten, Twice Shy, But “Slightly Hopeful” by POWDER PINK & SWEET


Conjuring nostalgic Dream-Pop, Los Angeles-based band Powder Pink & Sweet was started in 2016, soon after the passing of her mother, by Cris Verso, a stalwart of the local music scene, who played with a stylistically eclectic cast of musicians, ranging from Ska/reggae (The Cover-Ups, The Twi-Lites, Hi Fever) to Punk (The Stalkings), to Shoegaze/Post-Punk (The Sleeping Car).

A year later, the serene vocals and hypnotic guitar tones of the debut single “Blue Sunshine” set in motion an intoxicating sound steeped in lush nostalgia, worthy of airplay on radio shows like Check One Two on KLOS in Los Angeles, in addition to online radio such as DKFM and Big Sonic Heaven, followed, in October 2020, by the project’s latest release so far, the beautifully tantalizing textural guitar blend of post-punk and shoegaze-friendly allure of “Grey Day”.

A few years, and a global pandemic later, Powder Pink & Sweet has their first collection of Seven Songs, or “Little Stories”, ready to be shared.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the intoxicating and suave aural escapism of “Slightly Hopeful” off the forthcoming debut EP “Little Stories”, scheduled for November 4th.

Slightly Hopeful’ is about hoping that something – be it a situation or even life itself – will work out positively, but having doubts and being cynical that it actually will work out for the best. It’s a sort of “once bitten, twice shy.

Dreamy surreal immersive auras expand into rarefied ravishing clouds of poignant scintillating and wobbling guitar melodies, soft skipping beats, and warm swelling bass, to carry beautifully evocative atmospheric breaths of desperate cascading hope into a weightless flight through hazy waves of ethereal twilight, whilst spiritual lyrics give comfort to a lost soul whose desire to leave the past behind causes discomfort and trepidation.

Powder Pink & Sweet‘s forthcoming debut EP, “Little Stories”, is due out on November 4th (Pre-Save link).

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