WL//WH Premiere: OCEANS’ Bittersweet Relationship “Mess You Up”

WL//WH Premiere  OCEANS  

Naarm/Melbourne-based atmospheric genre-expanding shoegazers Oceans returns with a fully DIY music video for the band’s latest single “Mess You Up”, via fellow tape label Cerine Ruby, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

The Australian five piece, made up of Thomas Lee (guitar & vocals), Mayzie Lee (VHS Dream / Mayzie) (vocals), Michael Fox (drums), Samuel Black (guitar) and David Escott (bass), nods to the early 90s English indie guitar rock sound, even with a familiar The Charlatans-like bass part, crammed to the brim with zippy pumping rhythms, spicy bass tones, entrancing sparkling guitars, irresistible hooks, and inebriating harmonies, to fully captivate your imagination.

Nostalgic, immersive, and emotionally uplifting, the song unleashes fresh sparkling breezes from obsessive, vibrant jangly guitar melodies that flow over an intensely pulsating heartbeat of shuffling drum patterns and bassline grooves, to swirl in a mesmeric effect-laden haze over Mayzie’s evocative heartfelt vocals, declaring “don’t be afraid to love me, be careful if you do.”

 “Mess You Up” is an homage to 90s music videos where the sound of the single is inspired from and is the first video entirely shot and edited by the band.

The DIY visuals by Mazie Wallen and Michael Fox build a dreamy, cosmic aura around an edgy performance by Oceans to sync with the heady vibes of the soundtrack. You will also be able to see the bright personalities of the five piece through their fashion and smiles, while depth-defying layers of prismatic psychedelic tones and racing backdrops transcend time and space with endless fascination.

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Photo: @capturedbysez

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