WL//WH Premiere : NOIZTATIC “Decapitate” [LARMES]

WL//WH Premiere  NOIZTATIC  Larmes

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the track “Decapitate” by Egyptian producer duo NOIZTATIC, taken from the upcoming “Decapitation Of Sacrificed Hearts” EP via Clarence Park‘s French label Larmes.

Noiztatic is an electronic music project founded by music producers Amr El Abiad and Khaled Weshahy hailing from Alexandria, Egypt, exploring the dark regime of electronics. Swivelling between drone, industrial and techno territories, their sounds are designed and structured to reflect all the discomfort and aggressiveness within.

“Decapitate” uncoils repetitive and neat kicks that relentlessly move onward with ritualistic slow-pace and limitless depths interspersed by echoing snares and frozen by treacherous, spacious and hissing gusts of chilling drones.
The dense and spectral sonorous flow suddenly stops to make way for barely audible mysterious voices from remote occult realms, then resumes its highly intense glacial combustions, strengthening inside a sense of oppression and drama, to delve into dangerous and mysterious abysses, embedded in the bowel-deep bleakness of human behavior.

NOIZTATIC ‘s 4-track EP “Decapitation Of Sacrificed Hearts” due out October 31, 2019, on Digital format, on pre-order now via LarmesBandcamp.