WL//WH Premiere: NEON LIES Burns All “Bridges”

WL//WH Premiere  NEON LIES  

photo by Subsite

Started in late 2015 initially as a bedroom solo synth side project, while still part, as guitarist and frontman, of renowned Punk bands Modern Delusion and The Celetoids from the local DIY Zagreb scene, flourished around the Doomtown Records label, Croatian musician Goran Lautar returns under his Neon Lies alias with his distinctive visceral and vibrant take on modern Dark Wave and Minimal Synth sounds through the Premiere of the Music Video by Vjetroslav Prdinski for “Bridges”, the first single off Neon Lies’ anticipated fourth album, “Demons”, scheduled for release in Spring 2024, on vinyl via Wave Tension Records (NL), Cosmic Brood (HR), Mangel (GER), and CD via Diffuse Reality sub-label Periphylla (SPA).

Demons” is the logical progression from minimalistic lo-fi darkwave sound crafted on highly praised previous effort “Loveless Adventures” while from this one you can expect even more dwelling into the darker intimate side of up-to-date electronic sounds from European underground clubs and sweaty dance floors.

NL by @kitrayan

Both restless and dystopic, “Bridges” injects alienating stroboscopic flashes cast by obsessive flickering and erratic swirls of icy bright synth chimes and droning, ricocheting bright stabs, ceaselessly punctuated by relentlessly throbbing rubbery bass line compulsion along with syncopated dry beats, to overwhelm and haunt breathless vocal angst, with ruthless tension and vexation from subconscious broods.

We did this video on one nice evening at my home place with no particular plan or scenario. Kind of happened in a way that probably feels most of the time during my shows, meaning, doing my stuff, this meltdown of mine and you watching it through a door keyhole, or something like that

Muted neon glows and symbolic shadows, captured by Vjetroslav Prdinski, surround a glittery silhouette performance with the surreal vibes of the soundtrack, whilst strategic editing and a simple set elicit the paranoia and isolation of the lyricist whose desperate longing to be outside under the beautiful night sky gets thwarted by fear.

Neon Lies‘ upcoming fourth album, “Demons”, will be available in the Spring of 2014 on vinyl via Wave Tension Records (NL), Cosmic Brood (HR), Mangel (GER), and CD via Diffuse Reality sub-label Periphylla (SPA)

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photo by Subsite