WL//WH Premiere: NAVEL GRAZR Death Grieving & Guilt “Two Funerals” (Official Video)


photo by @rita_iovine

Started in 2019, as the solo bedroom songwriting project of vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist Anjali Nair, a no-pressure intimate creative refuge from her busy activity with NYC-area bands such as Dog In A Man Suit, Endearments, and Joyce, Navel Grazr is developed in 2023 into a more ambitious guitar-driven dreamy Indie-Rock collaborative duo, after joining forces with producer/multi-instrumentalist Dominic Dellaquila (guitar, synth, drums) of Project Diem, met through mutual friends.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere an Official Video, directed by Jen Meller, for “Two Funerals”, the first single taken from the forthcoming EP, “Elegies”, scheduled for release on April 11, 2024

 Together, they paired Nair’s deeply personal songwriting with Dellaquila’s atmospheric instrumentation to create a signature sound that mixes dark dream pop with moody, cinematic soundscapes.

Single Artwork by Anjali Nair

The nostalgic and vibrantTwo Funerals, a sincere reflection on separation, the unnecessary shame felt, and the distorted ways one might avoid coping with the pain, triggers angsty, free-flowing sways of heart-racing drum beats, warm pulsing bass lines, tinny energetic strums, insistent sparkling and piercing echoing guitar melodies, to carry beautiful heartfelt vocals into a tumultuous hardship of burning distortions, bringing forth a feeling of running, breathless, through a mind-warping portal toward transformative resolutions.

When dealing with the themes of the song, I relied on familiar images that represent death in both Western and South Asian cultures. When we think about life as a whole, we’re propelled from one chapter into another, as each opens, we’re thrust into another chapter. We can choose to walk through it or let the world surrounding us evaporate. These familiar images reflect that…“Two Funerals” at its core is a film about death, grieving, and guilt: I looked to Man Ray, Luis Brunel, Maya Deren, and Salvador Dali. Their film and photography styles use alternative processes such as rayograms, solarizations, and double exposures. I took this style and applied it to the film. says Jen Meller (Director)

An imaginative black-and-white video directed by Jen Meller blends symbolic imagery and surreal textures around an engaging performance by Anjali Nair, Dominic Dellaquilla, Billie Seeland (bass), and Jack Weiss to sync with the lyrical theme of the soundtrack. The vision uses checkerboard floors, a spiral staircase, and lots of metaphysical portals to create a subliminal maze of heady cyphers to solve, whilst up close shots of the band give viewers an inside look and listen into the band’s unique style and rich evocative sound.

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