WL//WH Premiere: NAMELESS CREATIONS “Pain​-​Powered Machine b​/​w Things That Serve” 7inch Single


Formed around 2015, Nameless Creations, the enigmatic unbridled nightcrawlers out of Warsaw, follow up their debut album, “Upon God’s Call”, back in late 2019, with a brand new 2-track 7″ vinyl single, “Pain​-​Powered Machine b​/​w Things That Serve”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

The Polish 4-piece have deftly refined a gripping and intriguing multifaceted dark sonic alchemy of Noisy Psych-Garage and Goth-tinged Post-Punk sprinkled with Deathrock and Horror aesthetic.

“Pain Powered Machine” ignites burning lyrical passions bursting with piercing, blaring, at times deafening guitar riffage, sneakingly rumbling punching bass lines, and hard-hitting frenzied drum beats to surge, buzz, and swirl into alternating tumultuous emotions in sync with the temperamental caustic and combative male vocals brimming with the harsh poetic romanticism of corrosive anger, obsessive melancholy, and restrained frustration felt from lonely, alienated heartbroken grief.

The flip, “Things that serve”, slows the rhythms down, yet not the simmering intensity, crawling into a hot, dreary milieu of hellish mechanical repetitions, amid swaying abrasive guitar riffs, spastic scattered drum beats, and chilled meandering bass lines, to carry the aching disenchanted male vocals, echoed by swirling wistful violin strains, suffering under a toxic weight of despair and torment from shattered mental dreams.

A huge, epic and utterly majestic crunching and intoxicating double slice of punk’n’roll anthems – play it up loud!

NAMELESS CREATIONS‘ new 2-track 7inch vinyl single, “Pain​-​Powered Machine b​/​w Things That Serve”, is available, also in Digital format, via the band’s Bandcamp.