WL//WH Premiere: MODECENTER “Salto” (Official Video)

WL//WH Premiere Modecenter

photo by ChristianFischer

Active since 2019, Modcenter is a Viennese Post-punk quartet made up of frontman and guitarist David Bauer, drummer Hannes Gruber, bassist Arthur Darnhofer-Demàr, and guitarist Matea, who unveil the Official Video for “Salto”, the lead single taken from last May’s sophomore 8-track LP “Altes Gl​ü​ck”, via Siluh Records, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

The Austrian unit delivers a raw, edgy yet melodic Post-punk racket of tightly wound intensity, steadily grounded on frenzied hard-hitting drums, menacing bass vibrations, jittery angular guitar distortions and tormented harmonies shouted with rushing emotional urgency.

I have the time, sing the songs of this night until they echo, we are ready, let them come, let them come, watch how they fall.

Hard-edged and urgent vibes obsessively driven by resonant throbbing basslines along with steady punchy drum beats, cut through by jagged and abrasive guitar riffs of alternate droning and screechy tones, shifting the intense emotional sways of scruffy soulful vocals, from brooding to ecstatic vigour, into a swirling effect-laden blurry outflow of transcendent moods.

An imaginative Official Video captures the foursome in an array of candid outdoor activities and thought-provoking choreography, to give the viewer an up-close look into the charming dimension of the band. Stirring landscapes and golf-themed illustrations set an evocative backdrop for Modecenter’s high-energy jam sessions and friendly shenanigans, whilst one member, wearing a spacey silver cube, deploys an epic up-hill struggle.

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