WL//WH Premiere: MICHAEL STEELE “Les Voiles Silencieux ft. Emma” [Paradise Palms Records]


Norwich born, Edinburgh based electro-folk singer and songwriter Michael Steele presents a stripped back, personal 2-track EP, “Les Voiles Silencieux”, taking inspiration from nature, poetry and French folk, via Scottish label Paradise Palms Records.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the lo-fi, minimal, and atmospheric title track featuring the charmant French voice of Emma.

“Les Voiles Silencieux” unfurls tragic minimal textures to drive stirring, somber moods through a sizzling sentimental concoction of hypnotic hollowly crisp beats, smooth whirring bassline oscillations, fragile, airy wind-like wistful ripples and glistening guitar crackles, to subtly reverberate around the dramatic, evocative French female spoken word vocals delivering beautiful lyrical poetry through a myriad of visual emotions rising from a scenic coast of colors, scents, and symbols to express fear, helplessness, and love amid aching male back-ups breathless, helpless longings of melancholy and pain.

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