WL//WH Premiere: Drowning in the fury of modern madness with MELTING WALKMEN “Pelikan” EP // Music Video

Video + EP Premiere Melting Walkmen

Long-time stalwarts of the Danish underground scene, born from the ashes of the early 2000s hardcore band Selvhenter, Copenhagen-based dark punk band Melting Walkmen, fronted by the charismatic singer Patrick Ringsborg (Albert Severin, MOTH, Echo People, Little Boy Lost, Artificial Monuments), break the claustrophobic monotony of the pandemic period with the brand new EP “Pelikan” and the accompanied DIY video for the title track, both WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

Four heartfelt tracks wandering hopelessly amid a twisted and distressing chaotic lo-fi conundrum accurately split between the frenzied punk urgency, rife with pungent energetic riffage, angsty vocals and stomping rhythms of “Skær Mig Ned / Cut Me Down” and “Akolyt”, and the post-punk and indie-rock darker introspection of the nightmarish “Erebus”, bleeding with sharp guitar chords and bleak, seedy despair, while ending up in achingly passionate style with the closing touch of “Pelikan”.

A dusty and ghostly melancholic ballad, pierced by 60s-infused dim rays of light, “Pelikan” elicits lonesome moods that run rings of sadness around tight thumping drum beats and lonely, slightly abrasive strums and sparkled curls of guitar melodies to bleed misunderstood malaise through the ominous rumbling bassline and icily bright swathes of keyboard, scattering hazy reverb-strewn treachery over desperate, emotional male vocals’ harsh surge of painful isolation, amid airy synthetic fluting inflexions weightless release of hope.

Confessional lyrics breathe life into an external force field of loneliness allowing it to take hold of a lost soul wandering aimlessly in nihilistic defeat

A drab made-up existence of vanity and shame repeats in an expressionless performance of dying, emotionless stares, while separation anxiety shifts to a deep depression, amid alternate layers of reality. Unfocused clouds and fragile petals peek from behind a tear in the stagnant pink overlay, to reveal a hidden dimension filled with deep blue living, rich shared interactions, and a connection of fluid energy existing independent from the toxic tension and frozen fear of the rosy artificial love realm.

Melting Walkmen‘s new “Pelikan” EP is available now, on Cassette and Digital, via the band’s Bandcamp.

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