WL//WH Premiere: MBODVELI “Smell Of Soldier (Refresh The System Remix)” [Of Dolls And Murder]


The pain recurs and the hideous bust is eaten away by rust, with guerilla outbursts and brutality as repetitive as déjà vu. No one dares to cure this madness. Every war has its heroes: some kiss their faces out of loyalty, some wear the portrait of the leader on their cheekbones, some sit near your house and kiss you silently, some visit the drug factory to forget their inescapable weakness. Aging embryos that have not seen a ray of light sink to the bottom of our genetic memory.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the track “Smell Of Soldier (Refresh The System Remix)” from Georgian EBM-fueled Industrial Techno DJ-producer Leonti Kvaraia AKA Mbodveli, taken from his debut album, “Genetic Memory”, due out on November 4, 2022 via Buenos Aires-based DIY label Of Dolls And Murder.

Including 7 original tracks, and 3 killer remixes by young stalwarts of Tbilisi‘s underground techno scene such as Downwell, Mova and Refresh The System, Mbodveli‘s first album is inspired by the struggle against injustice and retrograde generation in the post-Soviet space.

Fellow Tiblisi‘s producer Refresh The System injects a heavy dose of metallic clangor, frenzied pace, and EBM-fueled punch to the original, unleashing thudding kicks and stark hard-hitting mechanical beats, relentlessly drilled by gritty frenetic bassline undulations, driving toxic unruly rolling swarms through eerie portal of expanding evocative synth swathes, cast in menacing taunting swishes and clanking industrialized echoes, to spin disconnected verbal chaos into paranoia-induced fear, whilst sudden surges of unseen oppressive frequencies open dark and dangerous doorways of hectic dancing until dawn.

Mbodveli‘s debut album, “Genetic Memory”, is scheduled for release, in Digital format, on November 4, 2022, via the Argentinian label/collective Of Dolls And Murder‘s Bandcamp.

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