WL//WH Premiere: “Lighthouse Noir”, the death rattle new single by Melbourne’s SEA LUNGS via Mantravision Productions

WL//WH Premiere  SEA LUNGS

But oh!                                                                                                               What draws near?                                                                                                 Another new vessel                                                                                                 All freckled with mussels                                                                                                 If I only will it then she’ll disappear                                                                                                 And lo!                                                                                                 I’ll set them free                                                                                                What could be finer?                                                                                                A gift to remind her                                                                                                Delivered by rocks                                                                                                And wrapped up by the sea

These are the last lines, as they close in macabre style the new death rattle of the Australian post-punks Sea Lungs (Melbourne), ‘Lighthouse Noir’ single releases today, March 21, through Mantravision Productions (Sydney). This new song is a murky and feral mid-tempo deathrock curse on post-punk rails steadily moving on like a menace without salvage; you’re gonna love it!

Based between Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, Sea Lungs feature former and current members of Pigs of the Roman EmpireSounds Like Winter, and WELL. The collective comprises Jarrad Robertson, Andi Lennon, Michael Johnson, and Ant Banister who also did all the studio work with all the rest being written and performed by the same whole band. Last week I played it on Loud Cities radio show after Jarrad messaged me about this new release and it was impossible for me to decline as the song chained me and nailed me and led me crazy to the Batcave immediately. I asked him a few info on ‘Light House Noir’ and I mostly kept “It’s very different to anything I’ve done before which is fun. Andi (Banister) writes really great stories to go with the music so that allows me to be a bit more adventurous”. Luckily, you may find the lyrics (poem) on their Bandcamp account; words without which the song would either never have been created or would be something quite different, still dark, still post-punk, but something else I guess.

It is the band’s third single in a year and it all shows Sea Lungs like mutineers primed to start making waves in earnest, which means that if they include all three singles along with some other new tunes in a future LP or EP the bang they’ll make will be deafening and will lead them directly to the airports not because Australia will want to chase them away, but because the sirens call will be undeniable, or we all go to Australia to see them play live, yeah! Here is ‘Lighthouse Noir’, listen with carelessness and loudness, and show them some love too!!!

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