WL//WH Premiere: LEMON SCHADE “Introspecteuf” [Human Disease Network]

WL//WH Premiere  LEMON SCHADE  Human Disease Network

It’s the story of a road, a never-ending path. The story of a night that grows longer and lasts longer. Along with her story, it goes through a before, an after, and a present moment.In the beginning, there’s the party, in the massive alchemy of a booming culture. A free and unbridled party, in a crossroads of sound, in unison. The rhythms, sometimes tribal, sometimes haunting, blend with a tormented melancholy. Closed in a box, open in a field, the aim is the same: to lose all its elements. Then time stops and space expands. Darkness reigns as the mind gradually ignites until it reaches the explosion point. Consciousness vibrates as the body comes alive. The orchestra grows louder and louder until it reaches its peak. Finally, reality returns, a future that hurts. The clock starts ticking again, and the field of vision narrows. The temptation is strong to flee, to hang it all up. One last time, the eyes lift, the moon shines and then it’s gone.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the closing track, “Introspecteuf”, of the forthcoming debut EP “La Lune Brille” via the French label, Human Disease Network, from Rennes-based producer and member of the ÖND collective, Lemon Schaden.

The 4-track EP delivers a heady and intricate hybrid of hypnotic downtempo club rhythms and emotive spacey atmospherics, built on stripped and glitchy techno, chilling Trip-Hop, and tweaked-out electro with intoxicating resonant bass tones and crunchy breakbeat grooves.

“Introspecteuf” unravels an oppressive anxious tangle of crisp tinny 909 beats, thumping muffled kicks and glitches, cast in steamy hissing hats and obsessive high-pitched pinpoint stabs, lead into an inaudible loop of squeaky high-speed voice distortions to conjure confusion and paranoia, whilst alienating string disintegrations and doomy echoing tolls pull a heavy arch over the top leaving the listener at ‘the bottom of the box’.

Lemon Schaden‘s forthcoming debut EP “La Lune Brille”, is slated for release, digitally, via the French label, curated by A-Sim, Human Disease Network on June 25, 2024.

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