WL//WH Video Premiere : LADY LYNCH “Cymbals” (Cut Surface)

Premiere  Lady Lynch

Vienna based art punk 4-piece Lady Lynch, comprised of Theresa Adamski, Philipp Forthuber, Lina Gärtner, Christian Sundl, cumulates members from esteemed Austrian alternative acts such as Black Fox Tropical, Crystal Soda Cream, Just Friends And Lovers, Wounds of Castrated Dicks just to mention a few.

Running along the boundaries between post-punk, no-wave, noise-rock and new wave, the band has recently regrouped after a long hiatus, releasing last year unique, limited 50 copies, DIY one-side 7″ single “Hommage”, recorded live and cut directly on VinylographLady Lynch are now ready to unveil their new self-titled debut full-length due out next October via the ever excellent Vienna’s Cut Surface label.

“Cymbals” is the first preview from the album, but will be also part of the upcoming V.A. Compilation “B” to be dropped on August 27 featuring the whole impressive Cut Surface roster: Ana Threat // Beach Girls and the Monster // The Boiler // Bruch // Dazed Pilots // Imposition Man //JGG // Johnny Fünfhaus // Lady Lynch // LEVIE //Lonesome Hot Dudes // MURENA MURENA //POSTMAN // Pü // RIVER // Dino Spiluttini // The Telly // Wirtschaftskammer // Wrong Body // Tom Wu.

It’s a claustrophobic and trance-inducing song about obsession, addiction, and love. Made Of heavy, resonant bass interlaced with scratchy, abrasive and noisy guitar riffs underpinned by syncopated and obsessive drums. Creating a tortured, powerful yet restrained, heady distillation of precision and subversion epitomized by detached vocals laced with compulsion, addiction, and excesses. Let it becomes your next absolutely indispensable “Cymbals”.

The video, directed by by Tina Bauer, shows a stark environment of darkness only displaying lighted symbols.

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