WL//WH Premiere: KRSSV “Carrera (Unhealed Remix)” [Of Dolls And Murder]

WL//WH Premiere  KRSSV

COUPÉ FIRE, and skidding, the false step that divides the race. Maybe just a dream: The myth of the winning coupe that, between curves, confuses the tracks.

Looped like a tape,
A Grip for this dance,
A Pit for this heart
A Drag that the beat resists

Argentinian independent label/collective Of Dolls And Murder is proud to present the new EP from KRSSV, “Coupe Fuego”.

“Coupe Fuego” is the third studio effort from Buenos Aires-based electronic artist KRSSV, and the first featuring Bika, aka BIKATRONIKA, consolidating the project as a duo.

The release contains two original tracks showcasing KRSSV’s take on EBM, plus three remixes from Rudiment (Russia), Endless Nothing (Italy), and Unhealed (Brazil/Germany).

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the cold, darkly strobing, and stabbing Industrial-flecked rework by Berlin via Sao Paulo artist and Crave Tapes label co-owner Igor Girio, a.k.a. Uhnealed, of “Carrera”.

The remix dangerously combines merciless driving rumbling bass line oscillations with impactful thumping kicks, clanking strikes, and stacked slashing snares, amid eerie flickering synths echoes, pinpoint drones, and alienating wheezing strings, to induce a heady adrenaline-fueled mood imbued with menacing barks and distorted vocal foreboding, bringing a cryptic chill to an endless dancefloor chasm.

KRSSV‘s upcoming new EP, “Coupe Fuego”,  is scheduled for release, digitally, on April 01, 2022, through Of Dolls And Murder.

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