WL//WH Premiere: IXVLF “Inflated” [Bella Ursa Recordings]

WL//WH Premiere  IXVLF

Original Artwork by Bill Noir

As the mothership celebrates its second year of cruising through the boundless stars towards the Unknown, it is once again time to bring on board a new batch of like-minded souls. Collectively, we probe the myriad of cosmic layers that form the Ursa Nebulas. Chasing the chants of these galactic sirens, we set course to new and uncharted territories that dramatically expand the Ursa universe. This is a realm where ethereal atmospherics and eerie vocals casually meet trancey shoegaze, acid blends in with chic breakbeats, and alien rockstars appear to perform video game music. But still… be wary of the occasional grasp of elegant creepiness and cinematic constructs, palpable remnants of our previous journey. Out of this astral maelstrom of sonic oddities, a new series has emerged that we’re proud to present to you:

Strasbourg, France based Bella Ursa Recordings, since 2020 keep on delivering ‘astral electronics for cosmic dancefloors’ through the upcoming first celebration opus, the 17-track Various/Artists collectionNebula Scarabea #01″, slated for release digitally on all platforms, but also on an alluring laser-etched C-90 cassette tape, spruced up with an uncanny analog collage from one of the crew’s most-valued members Bill Noir, on May 23, 2022.

WL//WH is pleased to cruise on their Galactic Universe, premiering the track “Inflated” by IXVLF.

Pennsylvania based techno experimentalist and Unknown Precept label affiliated, Connor Clasen, operating under his IXVLF moniker (also known as Softgrid and Erlin, and part of Philly trio WORT), is delving, for more than 15 years, into the obscure, convoluted and uncharted corners of contemporary electronic music, intersected with strong foundations of Chicago House, rugged Primitivism, crackling New Beat, rackety proto-Industrialism and a DIY Punk aesthetic.

An immersive, hectic and giddy yet disturbing abstract proto-techno concoction of obsessively clattering, broken spastic rhythms, digging, jerky oppressive low ends and droning, angsty spacey cosmic synth sweeps, manipulate a shifting modern time-space continuum with high strung combative strains of unstoppable dystopic change.

Bella Ursa Recordings‘ upcoming V/A Nebula Scarabea #01″ 2nd-anniversary compilation is due out, on Digital and special edition Cassette, on May 23, 2022, via the label Bandcamp.

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