WL//WH Premiere: IOANA IORGU Demystifies the Tragic Heartache of a “Liar”


The “unsettling poetic Post-punk band” Ioana Iorgu, founded and led by the independent musician, singer, and composer based in The Netherlands, recently joined by the new drummer Ollie, is back to WL//WH with a premiere of the evocative DIY video for the new turbulent noisy single “Liar.”

The song itself is packed with emotions, ranging from painful sadness to regret yet with a touch of happiness about a past relationship. It embodies the damage one left within, and the process of letting the hurt go. It’s about how a person can go from a lover to a stranger, later revealing themselves as a liar who never actually loved you, by looking at the ruins left.Ioana says

Wavering between acute seething calm to raging outflows, through a tumultuous emotional entanglement of melancholy and anger, “liar” arouses lost, wistful, psychedelic-strewn, guitar chimes to reverberate growing passion and pain layered with an intense swaying outburst of urgent pummelling drums, fuzzy bassline menace, emphatic, abrasive heavy riffs, over a beautifully tragic, aching vocal fragility, falling, destroyed and abandoned, into overflowing rackety chaos from a screaming agony of “my heart is breaking!”

Minimal, immersive and mysterious, the DIY visuals, shoot Ioana in her childhood home in Romania and Zaneta Kesik, as a black-clad Gothic dancer in Groningen (The Netherlands) to capture the dueling spirit of letting go. Psychologically disturbing, the clip manifests an inner battle of despair and hope by shuffling a series of suggestive mental states between contorted, seemingly demonic possessed, body poses and sad intimate introspections, syncing seamlessly with the angsty aggression of the soundtrack.

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