WL//WH Premiere: INVALID USER “Maleficios Ft. DIRTY HARRY” [Of Dolls And Murder]

WL//WH Premiere  INVALID USER Ft. Dirty Harry


Among masks, ventilators, iron lungs and mass graves, oxygen is conspicuous by its absence. As a premise, social discipline, endless oppression to the point of not breathing.
An asphyxiating virus, asphyxiating economy, asphyxiating authoritarianism, insane and suicidal reactions and total confussion.  In between, an innocent resistance arises, the oppressed raise their heads to grab an air mouthful and express themselves in the shape of rebellion, in the shape of music.
Patience running out and the need for movement after such a long quiet time emerges
unstoppable with a dangerous and somber soundtrack. The restrained scream and the shy
dancing gives space to the ancestral expression of rhythm and repetition.
We found consonance among different cultures, artists from all around the globe make up
this compilation, in an attempt to create that vital oxygenation that makes us feel alive and this confronting whoever wants to impose and crush us.

“ASPHYXIA” is the new Various / Artists compilation by Argentinian label /collective Of Dolls And Murder featuring CTPAX / SATIRA / OXYMOSOON / INVALID USER / JARDINES SIN EXPLORAR / MVQX / HAPPY707 / SHIITAKE / RONIN / DELIA / KRSSV / INALCO / EYES GONE

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the equally stomping and crackling, Industrial-dusted Electro/New Beat track, “Maleficios Ft. Dirty Harry” from Colombian electronic artist INVALID USER featuring Dirty Harry on vocals.

Pildoras Tapes label co-founder, INVALID USER is a producer and live performer from Barranquilla, Colombia. He’s also part of different electronic projects such as Felina Spank, featured on renowned labels as New York Haunted, Black Leather Pecs, Glauben Records and Mosaique Records, and as well as part of Panama Papers with releases on Pildoras Tapes and Body Musick.

The artist is well known for his live performances in which he’s able to bring an atmosphere of blackness and grittiness, where most of the time the crowd is in a frenetic state of mind on the dance floor. He’s had the opportunity to play along with international acts such as ADAM X, SCHWEFELGELB, ALIENATA, SARIN St and NGLY.

For “Maleficios” he joined forces with fellow Colombian singer and live performer from Bogota, Dirty Harry, known for creating anti-fashion night shows in the city.

Lashing, steam-powered, militaristic beats march intimidation and fear through a sprawling and elastic global network of sick, menacing, and squiggly bassline revolutions, harshly distressed vocal distortions, and industrial clanks and bursting triggers to open screeching hacked doorways of mind control with fluttering brainwave extensions, in order to annihilate the oppressive system’s claustrophobic air with detoxified breathes of rebellious resistance.

Various/Artists “ASPHYXIA” [ODM011] Compilation is scheduled for release, on Digital & Limited Cassette Edition, on October 29, 2021, through Argentinian label/collective Of Dolls And Murder.

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