WL//WH Premiere: HUIR Explore Toxic Romance in “Triumphal”

 WL//WH Premiere  HUIR

Formed in June 2022, Huir is a Spanish Dark Wave /Synth Pop duo from Barcelona made up of Ana Of The Head (Vocals, Synth) and former Paranormales member David Solazo (guitar, drums).

The band follows last November’s first single, “Vital”, with the WL//WH premiere of the official video, directed by Irene Blanquez, for “Triumphal”, the second foretaste from Huir’s debut EP “Triumphal Arch Lovers”, produced, mixed, and mastered by Maurizio Baggio (Boy Harsher, The Soft Moon) at La Distilleria in Bassano del Grappa (Italy), slated for release in the Spring of 2024 via the German label Cold Transmission Music.

The song is about how, without realizing it, we tie ourselves to relationships that don’t let us see the light and keep us in the dark, that deceive us by promising movie love, encouragement, and hope, that sometimes they give us, but very soon they take them away leaving us alone and tied to the true reality: there is no relationship, we are alone. Relationships that we need to breathe, to scream, to run away… that give us adrenaline that they quickly take away and we ask ourselves: why do they suddenly hurt us if they had taken us to heaven? why do they make us cry if we treat them well? why do they promise us that they will always be there and suddenly they disappear? Until they come back in the night when they need you and then the circle is reactivated and therein lies their triumph.

“Triumphal” compels a thick doomy undercurrent of chugging bass lines and hypnotic punchy drum beats, punctuated by rattling echoing blows, cast in sad weeping icy bright synth stabs, to meander around beautifully tragic female vocals, whose dreamy yet piercing angst syncs with ticking sways of nervous obsession. Then subtly abrasive and menacing guitar riffs transfix, in and out, around fragile emotional cries, left longing in a harsh droning sensation of lovelorn pain. 

The video is about going to the club looking for outlets, being sad, in an almost depressed state, looking for answers and being able to get through the night somehow so that it passes quickly… the kidnapping is that relationship and the end is nothing more than assuming that it is very difficult to get out of there and it will happen again.

The dramatic visuals, shot by Irene Blanquez, star Ana and David as a pair of lost and lonely black-clad wanderers, searching for comfort in an empty nightclub as an unsuspecting danger lurks nearby. Hypnotic red and blue dimensions shift perception over a shadowy maze of locked doorways, building mystery and suspense as a symbolic climax finds the couple tied together under a spotlight, trying desperately to escape from the confusing mind games experienced for fear of being alone.

HUIR‘s debut EP, “Triumphal Arch Lovers”, is going to be released, in digital & physical format, in Spring 2024, via Cold Transmission Music.

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