WL//WH Premiere: HAZELENE Finds Meaning in “Every Loss”

WL//WH Premiere   HAZELENE

Photo by Lilly Creightmore

WL//WH is very pleased to host the first DIY endeavour, the debut video/single “Every Loss”, by multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and composer from the UK under her Hazalene nom de plume, who builds multicolour visions of dreamy and evocative introspective Dream-Pop nestled in invigorating reverb-laden fuzzy Shoegaze swells, streaked with a vaguely Psychedelic mesmerizing sheen.

Listeners will hear Hazelene’s affinity with Cocteau Twins, Lush, Slowdive and Ride. In fact, Ride’s Mark Gardener is credited with mastering the track. Seablite, Pale Blue Eyes, Mo Dotti and The Orielles are among Hazelene’s admired next-gen shoegazers.

A bittersweet break-up song with a transformative ending induces blurred vibrant fuzzed-out auras to rise from obsessive twinkling guitar-swollen whorls, warm throbbing bass pulses, and punchy stumbling drum beats, engulfing beautiful ethereal radiating vocals, breaking momentarily into a fragile cry, with calmly uplifting immersive sensations.

The lyrics came instantly to me after an event where I suddenly felt my feelings change dramatically. I could see two different paths to my future. The feeling of not fitting in, of moving in between. And most of all, keeping cheerful, engaged and pushing forward, even when everything is falling apart.

Trippy neon lights trace an intimate performance by Hazelene whilst inspirational hand-written lyrics sync with the soul-stirring soundtrack. A strategic blend of wavy prismatic liquid perceptions, intoxicating flows of motion, and symbolic tonal shifts evokes both melancholy and joy at the hands of newfound vision, “Every loss has meaning.”

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Photo by Lilly Creightmore

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