WL//WH Premiere: HANGING FREUD Find Truth in Darkness With “A Hand To Hold The Gun”


by @photography.by.spl

WL//WH is very happy to premiere the DIY music video for  “A Hand To Hold The Gun” by the nomadic Glasgow-based ‘genre-shattering’ Experimental Electronica duo of São Paulo-bred Paula Borges and London‘s Jonathan Skinner A.K.A. Hanging Freud.

The fascinatingly macabre track is the second single taken from HF’s seventh studio album, “Worship”, scheduled for release on December 1, 2023, via the band’s new partnership with Spleen+ (the recently launched Post-punk sublabel of Alfa Matrix) and their own imprint Tiny Box.

With the heartbeat of a drum machine as a metronome, Paula’s vocals are dark, haunting, almost glacial, her enunciation is both plaintive and full of echoing fragile grace. While the cinematic music warps them all in a melancholic ethereal cocoon made of mechanical funeral melodies, icy minimal sequences and suffocating synth atmospheres. The overall ambience is dense, lingering, almost claustrophobic, but so poignant and uplifting that it takes you by the throat and touches you at the deepest end of your soul.

Dark and minimal, a brutally honest immersion into the stark reality of a dead relationship, “A Hand To Hold The Gun” drives obsessive, bleak, and muffled, crisp knocking percussion patterns, warm, ceremonial synth glows, and sinister buzzing low ends, oppressed by dim, droning, both pulsing and swooshing, wintry frequencies around a compelling, cold hopeless emotional vocal, eerily describing the shell of a body with no essence.

The abstract DIY visuals, both insightful and disturbing at the same time, blend dark X-ray visions with prismatic celestial overlays to explore the subconscious duality of the soundtrack. A spine-tingling performance cloaked in a shapeshifting veil of hard to see thought-forms gives clarity and truth through the often ignored darkness.

Hanging Freud‘s forthcoming seventh LP, “Worship”, is going to be released, as a limited colored vinyl edition as well as a lush double-CD digipak, with the “Anomalies” bonus EP, on December 1, 2023, via Spleen+  and the band’s own label Tiny Box.

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