WL//WH Premiere: HANGING FREUD “A Pact Among The Living”


Following last end of the year’s well-received seventh studio album, “Worship”, via the Belgian Alfa Matrix‘s Post-punk division Spleen+  and their very own imprint Tiny Box, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere another dark and edgy psychological DIY video for the mesmerizing Minimal Synth LP’s track “A Pact Among the Living”, by the Glasgow, UK-based Experimental Cold Electronic duo São Paulo bred Paula Borges and London‘s Jonathan Skinner AKA Hanging Freud.

The 10 songs featured on “Worship” literally come from a place of contradiction hanging somewhere between courageous vulnerability and fearful resilience, and deal with themes such as collective distress and loss, finding beauty in tragedy or yet questioning about what makes us human in the symbolic contrasts of life and death.
“A Pact Among the Living” is a stark, frigid, introspective realm lit by the bewitching vibrant emotionality of Paula’s haunting glacial vocals, hovering and shivering above an ominous floor of a dry skipping drum pattern and hypnotizing humming bass tones, circled by droning desolate swelling synth flutters, to evoke the maddening tension felt between life & death, courage & fear, truth & deception.

The intimate DIY dramatization visibly manifests the psychic transformative state of a person to sync with the rebirth theme of the soundtrack. Overlays of unsettled ocean waves create a shapeshifting veil of symbolic shadow self-energy over a soul-stirring performance by Paula Borges whilst a slow frame pan-out captures a knife lying on the bed, giving the viewer insight into the extreme nature of the event.

Hanging Freud‘s seventh LP, “Worship”, is out now, as a limited colored vinyl edition as well as a lush double-CD digipak, with the “Anomalies” bonus EP, via Spleen+  and the band’s DIY label Tiny Box.

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