WL//WH Premiere: (HALICON) Covers AFX/NIN’s “At The Heart of It All” To Help Fight Hunger


WL//WH is very pleased to premiere (halicon) AKA Tim Krug‘s version of “At The Heart Of It All”, the instrumental track that was created in 1995 by Aphex Twin for Nine Inch Nails, the fifth in Sweet Cheetah’s ‘Covers For A Cause’ series, with all proceeds going to Dayton’s House of Bread, born in 1983 with the belief that no one deserves to go hungry.

Tim Krug, a multifaceted musician from Dayton, Ohio,  known for his work with Brainiac, Hexadiode, and Oh Condor, is also committed to his solo Electronic /Experimental /Minimal /IDM (halicon) moniker, widely inspired by mid-’90s artists and labels such as Autechre, Rephlex, Warp, Aphex Twin, and most recently N5MD.

This track represents a great nexus of two huge influences that helped sculpt how I approach music in my formative teenage years. Both Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin fed my lifelong desire to meld chaotic noise and beautiful melodies together into a cohesive package, and I can’t think of a better way to honor the uncompromising artistic integrity of Trent Reznor and general chaotic nature of Richard D. James than choosing to cover an original piece of music by one submitted to the other for a remix album…Tim Krug

 “At The Heart Of It All”, curiously the same title as a Coil track from 1984, is basically an original created out of NIN samples by English modern-day electronic mastermind and sound manipulator Richard D. James for NIN‘s 1995 remix album, “Further Down The Spiral”, a gritty yet poignant ‘Industrial symphony’ that perfectly resonates the aerial, industrial anxiety of NIN’s 1994 LP, “The Downward Spiral”, despite the quote from RDJ “I never heard the originals, I still haven’t. I don’t want to either, or my remixes for that matter.”

Halicon’s version is as Apocalyptic, melancholic, and soul-stirring as the original, triggering driving heavy mechanical stomping beats, sinister hisses, and metallic, spark-flying, clanks atop warm sad emotional weeping swathes to elicit feelings of helplessness and dread at the hands of a soulless, oppressive force, crushing and shattering the burning skeleton of a once flourishing realm, into the lifeless smoldering ashes of final anihilation doom.

(halicon) cover of Aphex Twin/NIN’s “At The Heart Of It All”, is due to be released tomorrow August 18, 2023, for  Sweet Cheetah’s ‘Covers For A Cause’ series, with all proceeds going to Dayton’s House of Bread.

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