WL//WH Premiere: GREY GALLOWS Face Reality in “Deafland” (Official Video)

WL//WH PREMIERE  Grey Gallows

Fresh from delivering ‘priceless Darkwave gems and thrills’ through last month’s 4th fourth full-length LP “Strangers” via Cold Transmission Music, followed by a handful of dance-inducing remixes, Patras-based Greek duo of Konstantin (Vocals /Keys) and Dionisis (Guitar /Bass /Keys), a.k.a. Grey Gallows, return to WL//WH with the Premiere of the Official Music Video, directed by Panos Kekesis [Keno], for the enveloping brooding allure of “Deafland”.

The girl in isolation acrobats between reality and delusion, between the real world and her dreams. She thinks that she is in a trap and she tries to escape without knowing what is real around her. She changes appearance according to the standards of our time, thinking that everything will change….but she still finds herself trapped in a vicious circle. She can’t hide from her inner self and her repelled feelings, so sooner or later she will face the harsh reality outside her cell.”

“Deafland” evokes sinister discomforting moods, drawn by sinuous spectral ripplings of ominous gnarly bassline throbs, crisp skipping rhythms, eerie bleeding, glistening guitar echoes, and droning claustrophobic synth washes, to encompass haunted, angsty baritone vocals, struggling to shed trauma, into the doom and gloom of pain-filled memories.

Symbolic black and white visuals, created by Panos Kekesis, bring the narrative to life by following a lost soul through a dizzying maze of doorways, to sync seamlessly with the psychological vibes of the soundtrack. The video stars Artemis Karagianni as a Gothic-clad beauty, who desperately tries to escape the mental prison built by her traumatic past. Strategic editing uses mirror reflections, an old barren house set, and a quick-change wardrobe to expose the fragmented identities, dueling it out beneath a fragile surface of stacked affliction.

Next Saturday, the 24th of June, Grey Gallows will perform for the first time in Frankfurt am Main at Ono2 with Italian label mates Iamnoone, for COLD TRANSMISSION LABEL NIGHT & BIRTHDAY BASH, with the Aftershow Party by DJ CT & DJ Lippe.

Event & Tickets here: https://fb.me/e/2nO44ib9L

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