WL//WH Premiere: From Cliff to Computer, “Blocage Violent” by IMPAIR PIERRE


Impair Pierre is the new alias of French electronic multi-instrumentalist and composer Léonard Lampion (also part of Hard Lab and Peep Night), created as an escape route from dark basements and the influence of club music.

Since 2017, Impair Pierre has been writing songs in his office in Grenoble, that oscillate between Minimal Wave and Post-punk, using synthesizers, guitar, and voice. Finding inspiration in the events of everyday life, he seeks to develop a form of minimalism.

This album, “Promenades de jour”, developed from a desire to write songs that were relatively refined and spontaneous. It brings together experiments with the Yamaha PS-20 synth, songs imbued with a certain melancholy, and others with a more satirical bent. The record is a succession of photos, landscapes, and situations both real and imaginary, like a walk in the spring sun.

WL//WH is very pleased to premiere “Blocage Violent”, the fourth song from Impair Pierre‘s forthcoming 12-track debut album, “Promenades de Jour”, due out this November 2, 2023, via London-based DIY label Meta Moto.

“Blocage Violent” is the name of an old climbing route on the Ceüse cliff in France that impressed me a lot. I had this route in mind when I first recorded the instrumental demo and I named the Ableton project like that without thinking much. Then I wrote lyrics with “blocage” in mind but this time about the internet world. It gave rise to this story about the desire to block all websites to be free of hassles (“fini les tracas je bloque tout !”)Lampion says

Somehow recalling the melancholy-laden vibrant wave of early Indochine entangled with The Cure-like sparkly baritone 6-string hypnotism, “Blocage Violent”, sound-wise, is an obsessive pain-staking release of anxiety, to trigger brisk punchy beats and ceaselessly trembling undulating bass lines, to bounce along, ominously tense, under somberly glistening wanderings of hypnotic rippling guitar melodies, smeared with shivering and glaring forlorn synth strains, whilst wistful, restless vocals recite an extensive list of items blocked on a personal computer to avoid discomfort.

Impair Pierre‘s upcoming 12-track debut LP, “Promenades de Jour”, is slated for release, on Cassette & Digital, on November 2, 2023, via Meta Moto.

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