WL//WH Premiere: FRAGMENTS of Fear Loom “In This Nite”

WL//WH Premiere  Fragments

Hailing from Cuenca, Ecuador, the Dark Wave/Synth Goth project Fragments, led by Jose Strx (Synths & Voice), releases a symbolic video clip by Abi Peralta / Orange Media, for the Dark Electronic-fueled new single “In This Nite”, WL//WH is pleased to Premiere.

Lyric-wise, a lost soul confesses to feelings of emptiness, fear, and confusion at the hands of uncertain abandonment.

“In This Nite” manifests a cold, bleak, shadowy night of alienation and dread, where stacked marching punchy snares, haunting flurries of shivering synth strains, and ominously obsessive droning bass lines, cloak airless distressed vocals, struggling to find warmth and comfort, with a sinister array of chilly eerie melodies and stifling atmospheric swarms, left swaying in a frightening agony of unexpected frequencies.

Smoky red and blue dimensions enshroud an evocative performance by the one-man band with a supernatural air of mystery. Dissociative visions from strobing lights, shapeshifting shadows, and blurry trace overlays open heady alternate perceptions to sync seamlessly with the nightmarish vibes of the soundtrack.

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