WL//WH Premiere: FIR CONE CHILDREN “Gekko-19” (ft. Krissy Vanderwoude)

WL//WH Premiere  Fir Cone Children

Fir Cone Children is a dream-punk project masterminded by Berlin-based German musician, producer, visual artist and book author, as well as head of Blackjack Illuminist Records, Alexander Donat, (a.k.a. Vlimmer, Leonard Las Vegas, Feverdreamt, Infravoids), born with the goal to dedicate each annual album to his two young daughters.

“Waterslide At 7 A.M.”, the title of his 6th opus, makes no exception, albeit was created and focused about the joys of life in between the limitations COVID19 has brought with it, oscillating relentlessly within contrasting feelings of comfort and anxiety.

Consequently, its typical ‘dream-punk’ sound has become increasingly reflective and ruminative, incorporating more classic 90s indie rock elements, sometimes exceeding the self-imposed two-minute punk mark.

“Gekko-19”, featuring Krissy Vanderwoude of Whimsical and The Churchhill Garden on guest vocals, WL//WH is pleased to premiere, is inspired by the fear and uncertainty surrounding the Covid19 virus transferred into the last days of a Gekko who, once quarantined from its family and friends, began a descent into the unknown realms of starvation and finally death.

Desperate lyrics waver in and out of lucidity, blending the notion of the virus into the human stain of error and mistakes, wondering in vain if the responsibility of the Gekko’s decaying life lay in his own rotten hands.

Dreamy, sparkling textures layer sad, nostalgic guitar melodies with abrasive reverb-laden chords to prickle and linger melancholic madness into the muted bass oscillations, cut with dull heart-thumping beats, while airy feather-light dual male-female vocals drown in emotional guilt and disbelief, grinding the mourning moods of downtrodden speculation under the ringing distortive howls of monstrous doom.

Fir Cone Children 6th album “Waterslide At 7 A.M.” is due out, CD/Cassette/Digital, on October 30, 2020 via Blackjack Illuminist Records.

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