WL//WH Premiere: FIFTH PERSON “Whales” [Bella Ursa Recordings]


The soon-to-be-released Fith Person‘s EP, “Hope and Mind It”, tells the story of three young artists (Voyager Solar System, ILYSS, and Quim) lost in the mesmerizing embrace of late-night jam sessions. Reverberating with the glow of the nascent sunrays, they wholeheartedly crafted these 6 pieces of ethereal melancholia and cosmic tranquillity.

Through their collective bliss, they’ve woven an auditory tapestry that reads like a love letter to early Boards of Canada and Autechre, where simple elements intertwine with unexpected intricacies and soul-stirring melodies, proudly expanding further Bella Ursa‘s sonic universe.

The final track, “Whales”, WL//WH is pleased to premiere, is an evocative underwater fantasy that blends softly droning, glowing and enveloping emotive synth pads with cicada-like hisses, aquatic FXs, light whale whistles, slow metronomic lashing beats, and bass heart pulses, to manifest a vigilant stillness, where the listener is surrounded by other life forms, albeit mysterious and not human.

The EP is set to be released on Feb 7th across all digital platforms, along with a beautiful UV-printed cassette via Bella Ursa Recordings.