WL//WH Premiere: FEVERDREAMT “The Count” A Haunting Self Inventory [Blackjack Illuminist Records]


Feverdreamt is a Berlin-based one-man Ethereal Dark Folk project started in 2015 as “Arabian Krautrock” by German artist and Blackjack Illuminist Records head honcho Alexander Leonard Donat, who you might recognize as the mastermind behind several other bands and collaborations such as Vlimmer, Fir Cone Children, and ASSASSUN among others.

Following the 2015 debut LP, “Terban Te Ban”, and the second full-length, “Melantant”, in 2019, the time has finally come for Feverdreamt‘s third album, from which WL//WH is very pleased to premiere the soul-stirring first extract, “The Count”, via Blackjack Illuminist Records.

On 12th April, “Decay Is Present” approaches things from a different point, soundwise, while still maintaining the project’s mystic aura. The third album has a more pastoral approach, it’s dark ethereal folk music written on and with church organs. It offers an introspective approach to the fleeting joys and the horrors of existence. The first single, “The Count”, is a haunting piece with a doom-folk organ, minimal drums, and echoing vocals.

Rich, immersive, and ceremonial, “The Count” conjures comforting reverent deep reedy organ chords to rise powerfully, flowing through layers of obsessive and twinkling creeping guitar arpeggios, with vibrant, penetrating, stirring melodies, underlined by nervous tapping, clicking and warm light thudding percussions, whilst beautifully haunting choir-like vocals, both baritone and higher range, search for balance amid heavy doses of doubt, fear, and courageous determination.

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