WL//WH Premiere: ERIK HOLGER returns with mesmerizing new single “All You Desire”

Single Premiere Erik Holger

Artwork by Martina Tarnawski

After years of writing catchy pop-songs for psych-tinged indie band Dim Vanilla and spooky electro-duo Rottenheim, Swedish musician Erik Holger Målsäter decided on turning his new found love for experimental electronic sounds into a solo project.

‘I record everything at home, but I wouldn’t call it Bedroom pop, it’s more like Living room rock.’ Erik says.

After the catchy electro-rock debut “Born Again” from a couple of months ago, Erik Holger is back with his sophomore single “All Your Desires”, WH//WH is very pleased to premiere, that still exudes his distinctive haunting melodic quality, but in a more dismal yet soothing atmosphere.

The enlightening lyrics discuss desire, freedom, and hate in a hopeful, healing catharsis.

‘The song is about trying to get through difficult times without becoming less of a person’ Erik adds.

Swaying between the uplifting and the melancholic, “All Your Desires” achingly unfurls and fluorishes, ushering in moving somber melodies, through hypnotic subdued snares, laced with whirring palpitating bassline, to undercut emotionally warm glowing synth washes, that swirl with fervent hope and wistful desire around reverberated nostalgic, helpless male vocals, gloomily longing in uncertain blurred times of transformation.

Erik Holger‘s “All Your Desires” is slated for release June 5, 2020, via Malmö-based independent label Feverish.

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