WL//WH Premiere: ENDLESS NOTHING’S Grievous “Acceptance of Loss” [WIE EIN GOTT]

WL//WH Premiere  ENDLESS NOTHING      

WIE EIN GOTT seeks to answer that question in the form of the most fire underground music it can bring together under one digital temple roof. The odyssey of Johannes Stabel, the Berlin label was forged within the crucible of Stabel’s collaborative work on his own musical venture XTR HUMAN. To craft such a body-jacking synthesis of gothic atmosphere and dance energy, he was brought into the company of a host of producers, artists and dark-minded individuals. Each burned as brightly as he for that perfect and eternal emotional transcendence to be found within the club, that rising swell from within that seems torn from the breast of Heaven itself.

WL//WH is very pleased to be part of the launch of the first chapter, the 9-track Various Artists compilation “GOTT01 – VA#01”, from the brand new Berlin-based independent label WIE EIN GOTT Records, curated by Johannes Stabel aka XTR HUMAN, including underground EBM-inflected producers such as OLIVER, Rudiment, UNCONSCIOUS, Alpha Sect, Clarissa, Termination_800, Swærm, Devoid, Endless Nothing, and XTR HUMAN himself.

Metal-minded Italian berserker DJ-producer Endless Nothing contributes to the imprint’s first opus with the dystopic dancefloor crasher, “Acceptance of Loss”, rife with his distinctive EBM style that ‘sent to burn the celestial palaces, to bring the Gods to their knees—to become as Gods, in that moment of transcendence.’

Cold turbulent auras stack thunderous, traumatic beats with rapid flickering bass line menace and merciless industrialized flair to spew metallic mists and depth-defying echoes of doom and gloom through ominous mechanized steamroller propulsion, opening parallel dimensions of time and space into a post-apocalyptic cyber war of high-powered repetitions rising and falling in relentless shredding swarms toward a final annihilation of destructive dancefloor bliss.

WIE EIN GOTT Records’ debut V/A Compilation album, “GOTT01 – VA#01”, is slated for release, on Limited Edition 50 Cassettes + Digital, on June 24, 2022.

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