WL//WH Premiere: ELEKTROTECHNIK & Grid User “Cybernetic Minds” [Tiger Weeds]

WL//WH Premiere   ELEKTROTECHNIK & Grid User  Tiger Weeds

“New World Vol. 2” is the sequel to the Athens-based Tiger Weeds label’s first VA compilation.

The concept at the core of the “New World” series remains intact, encompassing a variety of styles and aesthetics with Electro consistently serving as the cornerstone.

This compilation features both established and emerging artists who bring their unique perspectives to the continually evolving Electro landscape.

This is the next phase that pushes the boundaries of the genre even further.

Enigmatic German, Kraftwerk and New Wave influenced, Electro ace ELEKTROTECHNIK teams up, for the first time, with Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine-based 20-year-old newcomer Artem Kres, aka Grid User, with a ’90s Detroit-tinged ‘cybernetic minds’ dark fantasy, that layers ominous droning radiations, tight thumping kicks and relentless lashing snare patterns with frenetic wobbling bass lines, eerie pulsing icy synth glares and cinematic emotive strings around minimal, paranoia-inducing robotic vocoder-laced vocals warning, ‘the red line has been crossed.

Various Artists album, “New World Vol. 2”, digital compilation series is due out on April 29, 2024, via Tiger Weeds’ Bandcamp.

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